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Sholige Consult Limited is a firm of Engineers, Architect, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, Estate Planners and Earth Scientist. We provide services in the core areas of Civil and Building Construction, Telecommunication Infrastructural Development, Mechanical & Electrical, Engineering Services, Building Construction and Renovation. Other areas, includes Architecture, Building, Highways, Real Estate. 

Sholige Consult offers design of roads highways, Building, such as urban and rural development, planning and design dams sewage, and drainages systems, water supply, soil investigation, structural design of buildings and construction foundation design and installation of solar panels. Our Engineering section undertakes projects involving Engineering design, Procurement and Construction, Cement Sand Crete Block Production, engineering management and supervision and real estate in particular and other engineering installation works in general.


Sholige Consult Limited, was founded in 2015, and is duly registered Nigerian Company under the Federal Republic of Nigeria Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 (RC 1257754).


The quality of our work is of high importance to the company. This value is shared from the management through to our on-site workforce; we recognise that continuous professional improvement is key to achieving continued future success.


We have our suppliers from all over the country supplying us with world class materials with which we provide standard jobs for our clients.


Sholige Consult is committed to offering services that will conform to international accepted standard and exceed the value expectation of the clientele. The company is also committed to ensuring fair and best practices in all of its transaction while upholding the highest quality control standard.

Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 (RC 1257754).


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Real Estate


Drainage System

Highways & Dams

Engineering etc.


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